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Today there no borders, no limits & even 24 hours World is awake. Yes, life for people had been not just about work it is just to be a superhero in every field.

So, what exactly is stress? This would not be a very detailed or authentic description about stress. But for you all it’s just a viewpoint & the practical which I & others around me had developed & experienced. Medical science had defined stress as a state of mental illness concerned with thought that stimulus the brain & affects the body.

Stress do not need age bracket. What we do, what we eat, what we perform is all stress. In a day stress for a banker, for a soldier, for an accountant would be always for their job in their respective work areas. But the question is whatever motivates & creates stress is it under our control?

Our mind is always a hub of thoughts. The past becomes a memory & the future is always a vision but what about present. According to my experience stress begins in the event that is done at present. Since old civilizations we had events & people who had under immense pressure too had never experienced stress. On contrary stress term was not used but pressure or force to perform was always there.

Best can be Einstein who did some 100 wrong inventions to light up the electric bulb. Was he in some stress for the wrong 100 or say the push to perform allow him to keep repeating those 100 inventions?

Stress can be triggered with a biased statement from family member, an effect of a performing office colleague or say self-driven force to be an outstanding human. Yes, but the fact is stress is not always mental illness. It has the so called PTP effect the push to perform effect according to me.

Remember Dashrat Manjhi (the Mountain Man) from India. Not a business man nor a solider neither any corporate executive. But he performed & succeeds. What force triggered for his work? Stress or the push to perform? Nobody thought that way. So, it is clear that stress is needed at all level. He had the stress to clear the path for people who faced a challenge to travel the route. His stress worked positively & he was never a fanatic nor had any mental disorder. Stress is like a kid. Science will provide facts, graphs & other medical related reports because medicine is all about treatment of diseases & trust me stress is no disease.

In a life span of 70-80 years we experience various stages & infinite events. What changes is the stress that lies within.

Key factors that can boost mind to play with stress rather than to portray it as mental illness –

  • Search for the real cause of stress & choose the method to remove or handle it.
  • Develop life style cycle not work-life balance.
  • Inhibit to perform & kill the ill driven thoughts that actually pamper negativity in the assigned task.
  • Life cannot be bigger than stress. Choose the time you want to be stressed or restrict stress management to conquer your mind.
  • Be habitual to hobbies & areas of interests.
  • Heal the mental disturbance be spending time with loved ones.
  • Do not try to be a superhero. Human still are not God.
  • Any stress takes a bigger size if treated with care, so better to begin everyday as if born today.

More or less there are too many around the Globe who can be good in being a stress buster. But I believe no medicine or treatment is better than self-driven force of our own mind.

Next time remember stress can be in life but life should not be about stress.

Live long, live happy & healthy……Pick-A-New-Stress-Buster

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