DEATH Should be Healthy….


Are we really shaken….!!!!! Beware GOD is here…..!!!!


I was on my tour to Punjab in July.2013. On the last day of my tour I was in my hotel taking morning breakfast in the restaurant. News channel on TV were continuously telecasting breaking news of floods in Uttrakhand, Amarnath & its aftermath.

Next to my table, a man with white shirt & black trouser was talking to someone on phone & discussing that soon another news will come about theft, atrocity of the relief fund & poor recovery service in helping those who really need help. For me his conversation was like prediction than a discussion.

Finally, I finished my breakfast & by evening I was in my train back to Lucknow. The conversation of that person was in my mind. His words were continuously roaming in my thoughts. Soon a group of fellow passengers to my surprise were discussing that there have been events of theft of ornaments from dead bodies & loot of relief food from trucks & camps that were set for the needy persons.

One of them also shared that a bank in Uttarakhand was left abandoned & few sleuths dressed as sadhus robbed it.

I was shocked that inspite of such great loss still we humans are involved in such heinous acts of humanity. But, the bigger surprise for me that I was hearing these words on same day morning & by evening the news was in front of me. Who was that person, a media person or was just making guess work.

Two years later on 25th Apr2015 an earthquake strikes Nepal & shocks were felt, seen & experienced here in India too. I too experienced the same in my hometown Lucknow.

Very soon to my surprise while I was just checking with local people on the road I could recognize the same man in the crowd whom I had seen 2 years ago in Punjab in the hotel.  He was as usual checking on his cell phone as there was no network for those deadly hours of the quake.

I went near him and try to ask that is he the same person that I saw earlier but before I could ask my question, he himself speak that more will come & death toll will rise. Also he said to one of the person standing near to him that this might be from Himalayas. Till this time there was no news about the epicentre of the quake. Soon, I hurried to my home leaving him behind & quite confused that why the mobile networks are not working.

After few hours the news flashed as breaking news that a place in Nepal was the epicentre & might this will affect Himalayas & Mt.Everest. I was literally shocked. But, amidst this chaos I also witnessed few who were as casual as nothing occurred. They were making fun of the quake & about its aftermath. Few commented that death is natural so why to fear. Within next 24 hours the death toll was rising & even aftershocks were again experienced.

But, I was wondering “are we really shaken” with this?

PPl praying

We were making everything about the quake, discussing everything about death & reading every bit of poor relief services.

But what exactly happened with those who are dead is beyond words of any language. I was still confused that who was that person whom I witnessed twice & he was so sure about the aftermath of these disasters.


Actually what I concluded that everybody knows that we will be dead one day but did anybody expect such disasters to be the cause of their death.

Nobody wants to die with reasons like floods, earthquakes or any other calamities. But do we care or fear that what if we die such an untimely death?

 Why we do not fear death?

I now realize that he was no one but one of the messenger of God. Yes, we are not caring about the life that we had. We are too much busy in ruling other’s lives, chasing unfulfilled dreams & on top of that committing heinous crimes & forgetting that we are nothing but just humans.

Actually, we are not doing even a bit to stay alive & lead a life that we deserve because we are God’s creation & he feels pity & sometimes in anger when we downgrade ourselves with our selfish acts.

Yes, just humans & we are no more into the line of “being human”. Sorry, might this piece of writing is not worth of interest for few but, I pray & I had a fear that I should not be a witness to an untimely death by such natural disasters or say the real anger of the almighty.


I accept that I was shaken not by the quake but by the thought what if I would be at place of epicentre.

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