D for Death & D for Depression

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Death may be the end of life. But still nobody would love to die young.  Recently we had witnessed a young death at 24 years reason unknown & declared as a suicide case.

Depression 2

So whether personal issue or say professional insecurity, the body is no more now. Some theories claim that depression might be the cause for suicide. But do we exactly know what depression do to us.

Yes, depression is one such fatal nemesis of life that can be cured if detected timely. Before writing my thoughts on depression let me be very clear that depression is a mental illness & had nothing to do with applied treatments of homeopathy or say allopathic. Most of the reports, websites & medical theories had proved with numbers of cases of death due to depression.

But none of the medical science experts have been able to pull off this deadly venom that is inseparable.

depression-vicious-cycleLayman symptoms to get aware where depression hits the most –

  • Routine work life cycle. People with no changes in their daily routine start losing interests in other activities of life.
  • Any issue financial or say emotional when left unsolved will always be like a panic in mind & subconscious.
  • Loneliness becomes the most liked activity for that person. Any interests in social gatherings & public appearance become obsolete.
  • Life is considered as useless & self-confidence goes in a low down stage.
  • Age is never a factor. Depression is age free & affects with deferent reason in different ages.

But, even when we knew the entire why& all the issues of our lives we hardly take care for whom we care.

Depression is never hidden unlike other mental disorders like insomnia, sleep walking, memory loss etc. depression pitches its symptoms soon after 2-3 weeks & the behavior is visible from the person itself.

So, is it cure less or say we are not equipped enough to cope with it?

In all means I would suggest not being any medical professional care, affection & positive attitude to the life is the very first step to bring out people in depression.

Death always uncertain can’t be stopped rather can be delayed merely by avoiding the reasons which can be checked beforehand. Depression is one such reason. Timely alertness & proper counseling with therapy can cure & add more lifeline rather than to avoid people & let death eat its prey.

Depression starts only when we lost people & also when we can’t gain what we deserve. Accordingly life never asks anybody to end it only because others are its owner. You re the owner of your life & so love it not because you had no choice but because its only once called LIFETIME.

“jeeyo jee bharr ke….LIFE na milegi dobara”

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